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What if you are asking the wrong question?

Imagine you are living in another world, a world where you must solve all sorts of equations and logic problems to survive from day to day.

Out of nowhere and without warning, two doors appear, and in front of each door a computer. Then almost without
another moment could pass, the ceiling, walls, and floor fill in the remaining space. You find yourself completely closed into a room with no exit, save for the possible …

Pre-K Learning: It’s one voice style or nothing

As far back as I can remember being passionate about books, I read and researched Psychology. The passion began with some Psychology college textbooks left behind by my older siblings. By the time I was in high school I had a subscription to Psychology Today Magazine for my light reading. I read whatever random research I could find whenever I could find it, and have never stopped.
To be sure, this background is a very important reason why my audio recordings for educational items and products hit “spot on”. It’s not an accident. It is something no voice coach could teach. It is one of my unique niches, and one so practiced that it is instinctual.

QR Codes, Dinkleheim Squares, and what they mean to you.

I make up words A LOT!  It’s a thing my husband and my kids have taken on as well. I suspect that’s mostly just
so they can communicate with the Alien I sometimes am.

QR to me

I take my language out on-the-road because it’s part of who I am and also can sometimes generate some fun random conversation. However, some crabby patties give me the “stink – eye” when I use a made-up word. Usually it goes a little like this:
Me: “I have dog food at the bottom of my cart. Will you Dinkleheim that for me so I don’t have to put it on the belt?”
Clerk: “Will I do what?” …

Ukrainian Hymns, Newspapers, Conversations.. and Voice

When she was alive, my Mom would tell me about how she was pretty sure we were all so smart because she talked to us when we were in her belly. She told me how she read the daily paper, magazines and anything she could find.She would editorialize her opinions on the happenings of the world out-loud, rather than thinking in silence. And, she would hum and sing… ah, I still remember hearing her sing. It is not at all an unpopular belief that learning begins well before we take our first breath of air. In fact, it is such a popular belief that many play classical music to their baby bumps. Recent research now supports that infants, even at first cry, have melody contours present based on their native languages.

Creative Commons Cool Finds with BONUS Spectrum of Rights Video

Creative Commons is getting a lot of attention lately, especially in the eLearning arena. I am intrigued by the Open Source and Creative Commons Collaborative efforts, and am always delighted to find exciting resources. I am sharing some of those today, as well as a new video I created with existing Creative Commons material (below) explaining the licensing types and how Creative Commons Licensing is used.
Please add your favorite sites in the comments, on twitter to me @KatsVoice or on my Facebook Page, HERE. I will give you a shoutout on my follow-up Blog Post.

It’s too bad we have this terrible economy, otherwise I have this great product to sell… huh?

Here’s an example of a good way to mention the Bad Economy.
Many of our customers are concerned about getting into a long term payment in this troubled economy, that’s why we offer payment protection insurance with every financed purchase. If you lose your job, you’re covered!
Or a recent mortgage company’s ad I keep hearing that gets a “BIG NOD” from me is this one:
Our customers are educated to know that it’s the type of loan, NOT the interest rate that is the most important thing to consider when mortgaging your home. That’s why NONE of our clients are stuck under the risk of the exotic loans…. And they always end their ads with a “If we’re doing a great job, tell your friends, and if we’re not…tell me and I’ll fix it.